“Acting is not about being someone different.  It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.”

-Meryl Streep

“I say luck is when opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.”

– Denzel Washington

At a very young age, I started out by taking singing lessons with Carlo Menotti. I remember being so excited walking in to Carnegie Hall for my lessons. That big, famous, yellow brick building, rich with history drew me in every week. The secret hallways led the way to Mr. Menotti’s studio. I remember one specific, autographed photo above the piano that sat between me and my mentor. It was Lucille Ball. She was always on tv at home; funny, brilliant and felt like family. There she was, my red-headed idol, watching me during my singing lessons, inside Carnegie Hall.

At the age of 17, I was given the lead role in a feature film directed by Richard Baskin, (a monumental opportunity) The producers, changed direction and decided to cast one of their own daughters in the lead role instead. This was heartbreaking, devastating, and could’ve been indeed, life changing. I had to learn about the business quickly. Mr. Baskin went out of his way to write an apology letter to me. I still have it, and it’s laminated.

While attending Hofstra University as a Drama Major, I used to take the train into Manhattan to audition for TV, Film & Theatre. Those treks garnered an experience of 6 callbacks, over a 2 month period, for the Tony Award winning team of Broadway director, Des McAnuff & American song writer, Roger Miller. It was physically grueling, emotionally draining, and yet, there was nothing else I’d rather have been doing.

I was born to sing & act.

I headed to LA for pilot season one year with my then agent, and I booked my 1st feature film with Jack Nicholson’s production company, which gave me my SAG card.

After spending a few years in Los Angeles, booking tv, film and theatre, and studying with Brian Reise, I decided to head for home. I’ve had the opportunity to study with Stephen Strimpell, Jeffrey Zeiner, and Judy Henderson. I am currently taking classes with Anthony Robert Grasso.

As a result, my characters range from;
-The formidable Lawyer, confident Teacher, or loving Mom,
-To the insecure or overly-trusting Wife,
-The sexy Ad Exec,
-To the demanding Mistress,
-The sassy or nosy Neighbor,
-Or the fun, quirky, comedic, sarcastic, loyal Best Friend
…just to name a few.

I’ll leave you with one more fun fact:

I took part in a “Star Search” type of audition. I won! It was one of my most exciting and humbling experiences. I had the incredible honor of singing the National Anthem at Citi Field for the New York Mets. Since the Brooklyn Dodgers left NY, the Mets was THE team for my family. I grew up with that influence and there I was, standing at home plate, in the house of the “Amazin’s.” My grandfather would’ve been proud.

We need to truly believe in ourselves. Believe in our individual journey. I do.

Join me!

“I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself.  That is the best combination.”

-Dame Judy Dench